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2019 Trek Powerfly e-bike range: We’re very pleased to announce the arrival of the 2019 Trek e-bike range. New. The Shimano four-piston brakes lack took free adjustment, but offer ample power and smooth delivery. Trek Powerfly 7 lithium grey/crimson Das Powerfly 7 ist ein elektrisches Mountainbike mit qualitativ hochwertigen Trailkomponenten, einem hochleistungsfähigen E-MTB-System von Bosch und einem robusten Rahmen aus Aluminium mit Treks neuen Removable Integrated Battery-Design zur nahtlosen Integration des Akkus. The price, overall performance and quality is also there. Verfügbarkeit Auf Anfrage. Some fantastic new features such as Trek’s new Removable Integrated Battery system or “RIB” for short, sure to be the bike industries most user friendly integrated battery. Website:, CHASSIS Trek mountain bikes are incredibly sophisticated and require a small amount of set up for the individual rider. It brings together the Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) frame design with longer travel suspension and 27.5+ mid-fat wheels for serious capability on even the roughest trails. Ich habe die Datenschutzbestimmungen zur Kenntnis genommen. The page you requested could not be found. Unlike some bikes that have long stays as a result of a motor configuration or tire choice, the Powerfly’s stays were an intentional design trait. ab 4.179,00 € Normalpreis 4.399,00 € Mehr erfahren. The bike also features a flip chip in the rear suspension linkage that lowers the BB height, slackens the head tube angle and slightly elongates the wheelbase. Seatpost: Bontrager Line Die RockShox-Federgabel, der 1x12-Antrieb von Shimano und die … If you’re keeping tabs, those last two are both a solid deal for an e-bike. Drive unit: Bosch Performance CX Handlebar: Bontrager Rhythm Comp Trek Powerfly FS 7 Electric Mountain Bike 2021 White/Gunmetal. from €4,484.90 Regular Price €4,599.00. Reviews, ratings, specifications, weight, price and more for the 2019 Trek Powerfly 9.7 LT Plus E-Bike In the High setting, the head tube angle is 66 degrees. Shop now! £5750.00. Es … Zudem arbeitet das potente Fahrwerk stets effizient und sorgt in rauem und … Newsletter . £3,895.00. A side load Bosch Powertube battery drops into place from the drive side of the bike. The LT version (Long Travel) was replaced last year with the new Trek Rail, which already came with a 4th generation Bosch Performance Line CX motor.Tour-oriented eBikers, however, had to make due with the outdated FS version, which had 130 mm of travel and, unfortunately, still the old Bosch motor. Trek Powerfly Akku Ladekappe (2018) 14,99 € Mehr erfahren. Modell Powerfly 7. Trek Powerfly 7 G4 NEU 2021 Dark Aquatic / Lithium Grey. Verkaufe Trek Powerfly LT 9.7 Plus mit 470Km Sattelstütze ist eine andere Shifter ist ein GX plus 2 Batterie Laufräder sind auf Tubeles umgerüstet Mo… Es zeichnet sich durch einen leistungsstarken Bosch-Motor und ihren benutzerfreundlichen herausnehmbaren, integrierten Akku (RIB Removable Integrated Battery) aus. Chainwheel: Shimano FC-E8000, 34T Weight: 52 lbs This high-performance e-MTB is built to take you into the wild unknown to rip up and down whatever mountains you can find. £5750.00. Charging takes about 4.5 hours from full empty, and 2 hours from half full. Trek Powerfly 7 2021 Electric Mountain Bike . We’re actually scratching our heads as to how the bikes are so similarly priced. Motor Bosch Performance CX. Mit dem leistungsstarken Bosch-Antriebsunterstützungssystem kurbelst du steilste Anstiege locker hoch und kannst längere sowie härtere Touren in Angriff nehmen. It’s as if the venerable Trek Slash got struck by lightning, or fell into the cauldron of magic potion, this is a long travel bike with superpowers! Our Powerfly LT 7 put a smile on even the most core rider’s faces, and stood up to months of hard riding and abuse. 12,99 € Mehr erfahren. TREK POWERFLY 7 2019. The 9.7 fills the mid range eMTB slot, with a carbon frame, Fox suspension, carbon wheels and a price tag of $5,999. The Trek Powerfly 7 FS isn’t one of those e-bikes designed to replace a shuttle van or chairlift. The 9.7 fills the mid range eMTB slot, with a carbon frame, Fox suspension, carbon wheels and a price tag of $5,999. This information may be used for providing marketing materials to you from Trek Bicycle, it subsidiaries, its affiliate Trek Travel LLC, and your local dealers. Home / E-Bikes / Trek Powerfly 7 Flagship E-Bike (Medium) SKU: LDB-174-EB Trek Powerfly 7 Flagship E-Bike (Medium) Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings (2 customer reviews) Das E-Hardtail Trek Powerfly 5. Trek. MOUNTAINBIKE konnte das Bike bereits testen. The 2020 Trek Powerfly range now available from the U.K's leading Trek e-bike dealer and demo centre. Price: $5399.99. Trek powerfly 7 2021 This is the latest edition of the Trek elecrltric bike. Trek Powerfly FS 7 2017 Electric Bike Black. Maximum torque is 75nm, or about 55.3 foot-pounds. !” yelled Sammy as he came flying past us, carrying a tripod and full backpack on his back. It’s one of our favorite e-bikes for a reason! Shifter: Shimano Deore XT Die RockShox-Federgabel, der 1x12-Antrieb von Shimano und die … Dazu kommt ein … Price: $5199.99. Bewertungen Es gibt noch keine Bewertungen. Welches zu euch am besten passt, richtet sich eindeutig … Trek Powerfly 7 ist ein elektrisches Mountainbike mit hochwertigen Trail-Komponenten, einem leistungsstarken Bosch e-MTB-System und einem robusten Alpha Platinum Aluminium-Rahmen mit unserem neuen RIB-System (Removable Integrated Battery), das die Batterie vollständig umhüllt. view product. This product is no longer available. Verkauf durch: | Angebotsdetails. To aid in climbing traction and stability, Trek gives the Powerfly LT a full 475 millimeters worth of chainstay, across all sizes. Speziell für Frauen baut Trek einige Varianten des Trek Powerfly mit Knick im Oberrohr. Trek Powerfly FS 9 Equipped - 625 Wh - 2021 - 29 Zoll - Fully . Brakes: Shimano MT520 4-piston Traction in loose soil is truly impressive, and the tires really shined riding in Green River, Utah and the burn areas of So Cal. Zudem arbeitet das potente Fahrwerk stets effizient und sorgt in rauem und ruppigem Gelände für Komfort. MOTO Trek Powerfly … DEALS. Finde über 90+ TREK Bikes | Neu- und Occasion | Powerfly 5, Powerfly 7, Powerfly FS 5, Rail 9.7, Rail 7 und viele andere Modelles. The sun beat down around us as we struggled for footing in the steep, loose soil. Mit dem leistungsstarken Bosch-Antriebsunterstützungssystem kurbelst du steilste Anstiege locker hoch und kannst längere sowie härtere Touren in Angriff nehmen. 11.696,50 € Haibike AllMtn 6 - 2021 . Die RockShox-Luftfederung, ein 1x12 Shimano-Antriebsstrang und ein Dropper-Pfosten machen dieses E … Trek Powerfly LT 9.7 Plus dnister black/rage red Das Powerfly LT 9.7 ist ein E-Mountainbike mit Carbonrahmen, reichlich Federweg und Highend-Teilen. Built on the bones of the legendary Fuel series, the Trek Powerfly 7 FS is the top-of-the-line e-bike for Trek in Australia. Trek Powerfly FS 9 EQ Electric Mountain Bike 2021 White/Gunmetal. Sea el primero en opinar sobre este producto. COMPONENT REVIEWS Schaltung Shimano XT 12-Gang. eMTB Check Store Stock. For our 165-175lb riders, the 500Wh battery has a claimed range of 105 miles in Eco mode on flatter rides, and 37.2 miles in Turbo mode however real world numbers never got that high. Add to Cart. Trek developed the Powerfly LT 7 as a do it all machine. In den Warenkorb. In other words, Bosch wants you to focus on riding and not their product, and they’ve succeeded. EUR. The Powerfly 7 FS is a good looking electric mountain bike from one of the industry's top brands, but our testers felt that Trek missed the mark on this one. view product. £5750.00. Add to basket. Über 10'000+ Velos, E-Bikes und Velozubehör. Price: $5,499 Learn more. ab 7,99 € Mehr erfahren. Das Powerfly Sport Equipped ist Treks bestes elektrisches Hardtail-Mountainbike, das mit allem ausgestattet ist, was du für den täglichen Weg zur Arbeit und auf deinen Trailabenteuern benötigst. New. A lot of companies have e-bikes that look good on paper, but lack the suspension and components to actually hang under the piloting of real mountain bikers. Living up to the design intentions, the Powerfly will climb just about anything you point it at without lifting the front wheel or spinning out. CONTACT US Trek Powerfly 7 G4 NEU 2021 Solid Charcoal / Slate. Cranks: Race Face Aeffect In den Warenkorb. The Powerfly 7’s TransX dropper-post made mounting and dismounting easy. Außerdem kommt es mit einer RockShox Sektor RL-Federgabel mit 100 mm Federweg und extrem … The new Powerfly LT also sees major changes in the battery department. Powerfly LT 7 is the full suspension electric mountain bike that introduces the e-MTB world to incredible trail bike capability. A Rock Shox Deluxe RL handles the damping duties well. Huge selection of mountain bikes from brands such as Trek… 8-10 Werktage versandkostenfrei. Bremsen Shimano 4-Kolben Bremsanlage. Powerfly FS 7 is a full suspension mid-fat electric mountain bike with a fully integrated battery and a performance suspension package for incredible capability on more rugged trails. Grösse XS, S mit 27,5” Laufräder M, L, XL mit 29” Laufräder. and the Pivot Shuttle. It also handles speeds above 30mph with straight-faced confidence. The non-load-bearing side-accessed battery is a simple change, but it’s one that was derived from a lot of thought. The result was a bouncy, unsettled feeling on a bike that otherwise gobbled rocks like nothing. Trek Powerfly FS 7: Motor: Bosch Performance CX: Akku: Bosch Powerpack Performance 500 Wh: Display: Bosch Intuvia Performance: Gabel: Rock Shox Sektor Silver RL, 130 mm: Dämpfer: Rock Shox Deluxe RL, 230x57,5 mm: Schaltung: Shimano XT/SLX: Bremse: Shimano M615, Scheibenbremse, 203 mm (vorne)/180 mm (hinten) Preis: 4499 Euro : Datenblatt Trek Powerfly FS 5. The biggest differentiating factor with the Trek Powerfly, aside from price, are the long chainstays. One reviewer found that the Powerfly 4’s 100mm of fork travel covered needs. It does it all with ease. Verkauf durch: | Angebotsdetails. NEWS The Rock Shox Yari RL fork and Deluxe RL rear shock aren’t anything special, yet they get the job done. £3,895.00. In den Warenkorb. Trek Powerfly FS 7 Crys­tal Whi­te/ Me­tal­lic Gun­me­tal 2021-XS. The Trek Powerfly LT 7 Plus has been way more than a camera mule though. Powerfly LT 9.7 is a carbon electric mountain bike with long-travel suspension and a high-end parts spec. Shifting, range and gear spacing were lauded on the Powerfly 5’s drivetrain. One place mud and grime do find themselves however, is the very small front chainring! Power is provided via a Bosch Performance CX motor, Purion controller and a 500Wh Bosch battery. A feint whirring noise rose from the ridge behind. Trek chose to spec the bike with massive 2.8” tires. Within the LT name, Trek offers three levels: the LT 9.9 Plus, LT 9.7 Plus and the LT 7 Plus. Discover your next great ride with Powerfly FS 7 Plus. In den Warenkorb. 3 399,00 € KTM MACINA TEAM 291 2021 fire orange. Trek Powerfly FS 7 Plus This item is currently not available. Nevertheless, if you don’t have power outlets near where you store your bike, or want to leave the bike in your van and just bring in the battery to charge, it’s easy to do so. 3 299,00 € KTM MACINA TEAM 292 2021. £4850.00. If we had to go out and buy a new eMTB tomorrow, it wouldn’t be the Trek Powerfly LT 7. Bewerten Sie uns! STORE, ABOUT US While the rear stays may not make it the snappiest, they ensure it climbs anything you point it at. Außerdem kommt es mit einer RockShox Sektor RL-Federgabel mit 100 mm Federweg und extrem … Dieses hochleistungsfähige E-MTB ist dafür gebaut, unbekannte Trails zu erkunden und jeden Berg zu meistern. Das Trek Powerfly 7 verfügt über einen robusten Rahmen aus Alpha Platinum Aluminium mit vollständig eingelassenem und ausdauerndem 500-Wh-Akku für einen ästhetischen Rahmen und optimalen Schutz auf dem Trail sowie einen Performance CX-Motor von Bosch mit ergonomischem Purion-Controller. Of course, everything has a trade off. . Both Powerfly LT models have 150mm of travel in the rear, and 160mm up front. Trek Powerfly Motorgehäuse Carbonmodelle ab 2019. PRIVACY POLICY Trek Powerfly 7 2021 Electric Mountain Bike . 1-3 Werktage versandkostenfrei. Frame: Alpha Platinum Aluminum, ABP, Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) With a majority of our test bikes coming with Shimano Steps 8000 powerplants, the Bosch motor with the EMTB mode was something that we truly appreciated in this bike.

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